Welcome to my course, Create a Character in Seven Easy Steps. This is a fun, interactive course that will take you through the process of creating a whole new character, step by step. In each step you'll practise a technique which you can then use in your own writing.

There are seventeen videos in this course. The format is usually that I'll give you a writing exercise to do, then you go away and do the exercise, and then in the next video I'll discuss what you've done. Then you go on to the next video.

The videos and exercises should take between 90 minutes-2 hours to complete if you do them all at once, but you're also welcome to take breaks or take a little longer. You can revisit the exercises whenever you like. But you do have to do the course in order, from beginning to end.

All you need for this workshop is:

  • Something to write with (paper and pen, laptop, etc)
  • A coin

Let's get started in the next video!

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